Strategic Plan


To promote the independence of the federal judiciary in order to maintain the confidence of Canadians in our judicial system.


To be recognized for our contribution in preserving Canada's reputation as leader in the field of judicial independence.

Strategic Outcome

High-quality services to the federal judiciary with the objective of promoting its independence. (An independent and efficient federal judiciary.)

What we do

The services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Administration of Part I of the Judges Act: salaries, allowances, pensions and benefits;
  • Administration of the judicial appointments process; for the Supreme Court of Canada and superior courts;
  • Provision of a judicial Intranet;
  • Language training for judges;
  • Publication of the Federal Courts Reports;
  • Judicial international cooperation;
  • Administrative support to the Canadian Judicial Council.


We provide services of the highest expertise and quality to the judiciary, our colleagues and our partners.

We conduct ourselves in an ethical, honest and transparent manner.

We offer a collegial and rewarding work environment that fosters equity and transparency.

We believe in open and constructive relationships, as well as the timely exchange of information.

Strategic Objectives

  • Client services
  • Corporate planning and reporting
  • Information management/systems
  • Security