International Cooperation Overview

A collage of 5 color photographs shows members of the domestic and foreign judiciary involved in formal meetings, interviews, conferences, and posing for an official photograph. A photograph of the entrance to the Forbidden City at Tiananmen Square adds international dimension to the photo collage.

In 1996, the Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs (FJA) was given the responsibility by the Chief Justice of Canada and the Federal Minister of Justice to coordinate the involvement of the Canadian judiciary in international technical cooperation initiatives. The Commissioner for FJA thus represents the principal instrument of intervention in the international judicial arena on behalf of the federal government, the Minister of Justice and the Canadian Judicial Council, ensuring that their participation in international activities does not compromise judicial independence and impartiality. The Commissioner is supported in the discharge of these responsibilities by the Judicial Advisory Committee on International Engagement.

Since its inception and with the professional contributions of members of the judicial community, judicial experts and Canadian institutional partners, FJA has implemented numerous international judicial cooperation activities and coordinated the participation of Canadian experts to that end. FJA is guided by the Canadian Judicial Council Policy on International Judicial Activities.

A Map of International Judicial Cooperation Initiatives